Rebuilding Together: A Great Success Story In Three Short Years

success-story-1One hundred and seven volunteers gathered last Saturday morning to offer their services for the day to the three-year-old Lincoln County affiliate of Rebuilding Together, a national effort which has accomplished great things in its 17-year career. Seventeen homes of the low in-come, senior citizens, or disabled had been selected for home improvements this year, with a wide variety of projects on the agenda: building two ramps for the handicapped, painting the exterior of two homes, installing a new driveway, repairing some decks and porches, and undertaking miscellaneous carpentry, plumbing, electrical repair or winterizing tasks. The "Rakettes'' also handled yard work at various sites.

success-story-2After coffee and doughnuts at 7:30 a.m, the volunteers set out for their assigned projects, organized by John McCormack, who was in charge of referrals and house selections. Vie Taylor served as Project Manager this year, while Steve Lorrain was responsible for overseeing the skilled volunteers, and Sally Barter and Lee Hammond helped organize the unskilled volunteers.

When they were able, some home-owners assisted the volunteers with the projects. One appreciative lady had even cooked home-made brownies for her workers. Volunteer Sarah Giles had prepared "gourmet" bag lunches for all the volunteers.

This year's Rebuilding Together project was considered a whopping success, thanks to the efforts of all the volunteers, and the generous discounts and donations from area merchants.

In its three-year history here in Lincoln County, the effort has grown from two houses the first year to 17 this year.                      by Mary Brewer, Managing Editor