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Rebuilding Together: It's All About Helping Your Neighbor

by Mary Brewer, Managing Editor

Last weekend was a fun time here in the region, with the observance of the 30th annual Fishermen's Festival. This weekend, an entirely different type of activity will be underway - one much more subtle, but with a powerful impact. Rebuilding Together, an organization formed only last year locally (nationally, it's been around for awhile, and already has 260 affiliates working in over 865 towns) will be helping deserving local families with projects they are unable to accomplish themselves.

Rebuilding Together: A Great Success Story In Three Short Years

success-story-1One hundred and seven volunteers gathered last Saturday morning to offer their services for the day to the three-year-old Lincoln County affiliate of Rebuilding Together, a national effort which has accomplished great things in its 17-year career. Seventeen homes of the low in-come, senior citizens, or disabled had been selected for home improvements this year, with a wide variety of projects on the agenda: building two ramps for the handicapped, painting the exterior of two homes, installing a new driveway, repairing some decks and porches, and undertaking miscellaneous carpentry, plumbing, electrical repair or winterizing tasks. The "Rakettes'' also handled yard work at various sites.

Winterizing Is Hot Topic For Rebuilding Together

The mission of Rebuilding Together/Lincoln County is to help low income homeowners - particularly those who are elderly and/or disabled, and families with children so that they can live in warmth, safety and independence.